mirror of neko's mastodont-c library from his fossil repo
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nekobit 7373faab3f Switch to curl_multi 3 weeks ago
mastodont.h Include file 1 month ago
mastodont_account.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_announcement.h Announcement boilerplate 3 months ago
mastodont_application.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_attachment.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_chats.h Get chat fixes 1 month ago
mastodont_codes.h Documentation 2 months ago
mastodont_emoji.h Status emoji react 3 months ago
mastodont_error.h Requests create JSON instead 3 months ago
mastodont_fetch.h Switch to curl_multi 3 weeks ago
mastodont_generate.h Generative loops for json items 3 months ago
mastodont_history.h Hashtags json and search 3 months ago
mastodont_instance.h Pls push 2 months ago
mastodont_json_helper.h Node info instance info date time 3 months ago
mastodont_list.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_mention.h Structs for account, application, attachment, emojis, history, mention, status, tags 7 months ago
mastodont_nodeinfo.h Pls push 2 months ago
mastodont_notif_types.h Malloc functions, fix typos 5 months ago
mastodont_notification.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_pleroma.h Initial relationships stuff 4 months ago
mastodont_query.h Pleroma Get chats 1 month ago
mastodont_relationship.h Pls push 2 months ago
mastodont_request.h Mstdnt args 2 months ago
mastodont_scrobbles.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_search.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_static.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_status.h Add missing unimplemented mstdnt_status_args 2 months ago
mastodont_tag.h Hashtags json and search 3 months ago
mastodont_timeline.h Refactor 2 months ago
mastodont_types.h Switch to curl_multi 3 weeks ago
mastodont_uri.h URI Functions, account lookup 6 months ago
mastodont_visibility_types.h Switch to curl_multi 3 weeks ago