mirror of neko's mastodont-c library from his fossil repo
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CC ?= cc
CFLAGS = -g -std=c99 -Wall -Werror=implicit-function-declaration -Wno-unused-variable -I ./libs/ -I ./include/ $(shell pkg-config --cflags libcurl)
SRC = $(wildcard src/*.c) libs/cjson/cJSON.c
OBJ = $(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(SRC))
TARGET = libmastodont.a # shared
AR = ar
all: static
doxygen Doxyfile
static: $(OBJ)
$(AR) rcs $(TARGET) $(OBJ)
%.o: %.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
rm -f $(TARGET)
rm -f $(OBJ)
.PHONY: clean docs all test