A personal library of custom C header files to provide misc functionality and make working with cstdlib functions less painful for myself.
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A collection of useful header only libraries I originally made for my personal use. I intend to only use stdlib and POSIX C functions here to avoid any linking dependencies.

JSMNX include/jsmnx/jsmnx.h

JSMN is an ultra light C header only JSON parser. It is capable of running extremely fast if used correctly, but often shows poorer results in benchmarks because they don't know how to call it correctly. What I am calling jsmnx are just my wrapper functions for using it 'correctly' and making it easier to do things with jsmn.h.

SimpleString include/simplestring/simplestring.h

A w.i.p. header library to make dealing with strings in C '''safer''' and less error prone by wrapping C standard functions and other means. I don't know if I will actually complete it though because it quickly became a pain in the ass.


I plan to add:

  • Argument parser
  • Binary data file format for variable type and fixed (table columns like) data