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A personal library of custom C header files to provide misc functionality and make working with cstdlib functions less painful for myself.

Updated 7 months ago

stuff to aid in cross building C/C++ from a linux environment to run on windows

Updated 9 months ago

JSON parser for Tcl built on-top of JSMN

Updated 10 months ago

WIP Tcl module for interfacing with the Mastodon or Pleroma client APIs

Updated 1 year ago

A patched working version of a very ancient html implementation for Tcl/Tk. Despite its age, it still looks useful for rendering very simple html message content. So I may use it in my little project to make things easier.

Updated 1 year ago

C++ header only jsmn based JSON parser

Updated 1 year ago

docker build configuration files to run Neko's treebird FCGI from a container

Updated 2 years ago

Just messing around with code for parsing the JSON spit out by the mastodon-backup tool. This probably will not be useful to for anything just doing this out of boredom.

Updated 2 years ago