lush is a minimalist blogging platform
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No bloat, no js, and no bs.

lush is a minimalist blogging platform for the common writer. It is currently in alpha, or beta as basic functionality is still being added (see in progress features and long term goals below).


  1. lush now lets the user choose between plain text and markdown for posts
  2. Minimal resource utilization
    1. a local instance of lush loads in only 72 ms
    2. only uses html and css for rendering and posts are stored in a slim sqlite db
  3. Manage the database from the command line with commands to add users, remove users, initialize the data, and more to come

In progress features

  1. Following

Long term goals

  1. Customized themes

Install guide

Installing via wheel

Installing lush is made easy with flask.

  1. Dependencies to install are the python wheel package and waitress-serve.
    • Run the following to install deps:
            pip install wheel
            pip install waitress
            use whatever your OS' package manager is
            sudo pacman -S waitress-serve
  1. Next build the wheel distribution python bdist_wheel

    • You can find the file in dist/lush-0.1.0-py3-none-any.whl.
  2. finally install with pip install dist/lush-0.1.0-py3-none-any.whl

Setting up lush

  1. Environment vars will need to be set for the next step you can simply run source
  2. Next we will initialize the DB by running python3 -m flask init-db
  3. You will next want to generate your secret key - you may do it this way python -c 'import secrets; print(secrets.token_hex())'
    1. Create the file in the instance folder, and copy the generated value into it.
  4. Create your first user by running python3 -m flask addusr and following the guided steps
    • if you need to delete a user you can run rmusr

Configure Nginx


Running lush

the webserver can be launched with the following: waitress-serve --port=80 --call 'lush:create_app'