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4chan style shoutbox

Updated 4 months ago

Basic fediverse bot for playing blackjack with grans. Made in an attempt to learn elixir.

Updated 2 years ago

Imgur bot

Updated 2 years ago

game i am messing with

Updated 2 years ago

Attempts to flash your Android

Updated 1 year ago

markov text generator

Updated 2 years ago

what you need to change (GNU) Linux from Scratch to (GNU) Linux from Scratch -microsoft

Updated 2 weeks ago

Millions Must Die

Updated 1 year ago

Pleroma BE fork

Updated 2 years ago

The virtual Eurorack studio (Evacuated from NSA/Microsoft Github)

Updated 1 year ago

I accidentally bought socks that went up too high on my legs and now I write Rust sometimes

Updated 1 year ago

Sometimes: agony.

Updated 1 year ago

Asynchronous non-blocking logging for python and asyncio

Updated 12 months ago

asciidoctor (evacuated from NSA/Microsoft Github)

Updated 3 months ago

jeff cliff's branch of r000t's aspublic

Updated 5 months ago

A Simple Shell

Updated 1 year ago

minimal bluesky/atproto frontend

Updated 8 months ago

A personal library of custom C header files to provide misc functionality and make working with cstdlib functions less painful for myself.

Updated 7 months ago

Usage of the pleroma API for stuff

Updated 1 year ago

covid-related stuff

Updated 1 month ago