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Grumbulon's super special fork of the now unmaintained mstdn-ebooks

Updated 2 years ago

lush is a minimalist blogging platform

Updated 2 years ago

The elastic database system. A database designed for P2P-like scenarios, where potentially millions of computers send database updates around.

Updated 1 year ago

Python implementation of Tribler's IPv8 p2p- networking layer (Evacuated from NSA/Microsoft Github)

Updated 1 year ago

Here are some drafts of pure python code to generate chords with lilypond. Next fix will be to avoid repetitions of notes. Modified from Tim Vet's example here:

Updated 1 year ago

Asynchronous non-blocking logging for python and asyncio

Updated 12 months ago

The iana-etc package provides data for network services and protocols. evacuated from NSA/Microsoft Github

Updated 7 months ago

jeff cliff's branch of r000t's aspublic

Updated 5 months ago